Passionfix is a Baltimore area based band, whose 10th album titled ‘Hello’ was released in August 2023. 

The album features vocals by Kelly Secret. Songwriter Dave Kelly, plays guitar and keys. The rhythm section is driven by the bass playing of Mike Kearney and drummer Simon Harris, and on lead guitar, Pete Sklaroff.

The songs are introspective, sometimes ethereal, sometimes they rock, but they all feature superb melodies and outstanding performances. They are songs you’ll remember. Songs such as ‘Rode the Wave’, ‘Old Church Bell’, and ‘The Sea’ feature Passionfix at their best.

This album was recorded at Luna Blue Studio in 2022 and 2023

Passionfix is a Baltimore area based band, whose 9th album titled ‘Blue Indigo’ was released in August 2022. 

The album was recorded from late 2021 into summer 2022.  The album features the always superlative vocalizations of Kelly Secret. Evocative and sometimes ethereal guitar work of songwriter Dave Kelly, all driven by the tight rhythm section of Mike Kearney and Simon Harris

Our goal is to make music that is melodic but also to create lyrics that make you you think, well at least think a little.

The songs on this record reflect a moment in time. We hope you enjoy them.

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Passionfix is a Baltimore area based band, whose 8th album titled ‘Mess’ was released in August 2021. 

The album was recorded during the height of the pandemic into 2021 when we were hopeful of life returning to normal. And while some things have gotten better, the optimism of spring 2021 has faded into another summer that in some ways is not all that different than summer 2020.

We’ve tried to convey our feelings in both music, melody and lyrics. But what better way to get through this than by making music.

The songs on this record attempt to reflect the up and down nature of what everyone has been dealing with since March of 2020. The songs are driven by the amazing vocal work of lead singer Kelly Secret. Combined with tasteful guitar work, driving, and sometimes haunting melodies, the album reflects a unique moment in time.

Passionfix – ‘This and That’ was released in August 2020. 

With a sound that can best be described as ‘adult alternative’, the album is a non stop listening experience filled with powerful and sometimes haunting melodies, that are fed by the amazing vocals of lead singer Kelly Secret. Combined with evocatively layered guitars, the songs are something you feel as much as you hear.

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Passionfix - This and That

Julie Keough – ‘Every Other Color’

‘Every Other Color’ is the the long awaited followup to Julie Keough’s 2001 release ‘Blue’,

Julie’s voice is something you feel as much as you hear. Laced with beautiful melodies, the songs shine as you
immerse yourself into the experience of hearing such a wonderful voice.

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All songs written and produced by Passionfix song writer and guitarist Dave Kelly

Passionfix – The Opposite of This

Think of Fleetwood Mac, mix in a bit of the Indigo Girls, and then add a touch of U2. The Opposite of This, released by the Baltimore based band Passionfix was the first release by the band since the 1994 classic ‘Dream So Real’. With soaring melodies, and hooks, the album features instant classics such as ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Better Than Real Life.

Passionfix – ‘Dream So Real’

Dream So Real was the 4th studio album released by the Baltimore based band Passionfix. Featuring evocative and ethereal layered guitars, emotionally captivating vocals from Angela Lazarony, and the haunting melodies of songs like the classic ‘Feel’. The songs still resonate today.

Passionfix – ‘November’

‘November’ was the third album released by the Baltimore based band Passionfix. Originally released in 1989, the album featured the late 80’s power pop classic ‘Ana Lisa’, as well as the classic ‘Cup of Coffee’, The songs sound as fresh and relevant today as they did in 1989. The album is filled with melody and endless catchy hooks from beginning to end.

Passionfix.. 2020 Edition
From L-R: Dave Kelly, Kelly Secret, Mike Kearney

Passionfix Songwriter/Guitarist Dave Kelly – circa 1990 and 30 years later in the studio engineering ‘This and That’

Passionfix, from the late 1980’s. From L-R: Backing Vocalist Barb Wald, Guitarist Dave Kelly, Bassist Mike Kearney, Lead Vocalist Linda Morris

The Control Room of Luna Blue

Me meeting one of my rock heroes and rock legends Mick Fleetwood in 2014.

This pic is from around 1990. This was the lineup on the ‘November’ album. From L-R: Bruce Carter, Mike Kearney, Dave Kelly, Scott Carter. I must have thought ‘mullets’ were cool.

My Turner M1

PASSIONFIX Album Discography:

Passionfix – ‘Heroes’ – Released 1987
Passionfix – ‘The Crossing’ – Released 1988
Passionfix – ‘November’ – Released 1989
Passionfix – ‘Dream so Real’ – Released 1992
Passionfix – ‘Infinite Bloom’ – Released 1994
Julie Keough – ‘Blue’ – Released 2001
Passionfix – ‘The Opposite of This’ – Released August 2017, Featuring Julie Keough
Julie Keough – ‘Every Other Color’ – Released December 2018
Passionfix – ‘This and That’ – Released August 2020

Passionfix – ‘Mess’ – Released August 2021
Passionfix – ‘Blue Indigo’ – Released August 2022
Passionfix – ‘Hello’ – Released August 2023

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